Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I am so sick of dogs...yeah its true. Maybe I'm just sick of Doodle who I'm dog sitting for the week....he's crazy and has really bad manners that I broke of him when I fostered him but since he was adopted he's back and even worse than ever! I'm not really sure if its worth 25 dollars a day to watch him, but oh well he's here to stay. And Alvin my other foster is driving me crazy too. I think I need a break from all these happy that doodle is going home to his family on saturday...only 2 more days!

In other lame news, I've been cleaning my house with vinegar water instead of household cleaners in a feeble attempt to save money. I've had lots of complaints about the smell from the other residents in my house so I mixed in a little tea tree oil which does the trick, and a little goes a lonnnng way.

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