Saturday, November 22, 2008

its true

I grew up in the midwest. Illinois in fact, some people don't remember that and think i grew up in ohio...but in fact the first 11 years of my life were spent in Glen Carbon, IL. My illinois home was the only home I lived at that wasn't secluded in the woods. We actually lived in a development which was nice. No one in Illinois had pools at all and today I fondly remembered how when I was about 4 or 5 my dad brought home a cattle trough and put it in our driveway for me my sister and brother to 'go swimming' of course at the time I thought this was AMAZING. but now as I think of this memory I realize how ridiculously trashy this must have seemed to our neighbors. and just so you know, yes I have pictures to prove this, and yes my parents still have the cattle trough.


Abacus said...

Ah yes, the cattle trough. Remember how they stored it on the front porch while it wasn't being used? Once everyone outgrew the "swimming" function of the cattle trough, it came to be used for many other things. Somewhere to store firewood, a tub for bathing the dog, a "cooler" for big parties that required LOTS of beer to be kept cold out in the yard. Maybe now that the folks are back in a neighborhood, they will get it out for the grandkids to swim in during a summer visit.

FatBack said...

The grandkids were already 'swimming' in it this summer.

kate hoos said...

well where the hell are the pictures!!!!?!?!?!?! you can't hold out on me like that!