Wednesday, October 22, 2008

happy birthday to me.

My birthday week started out to my car getting hit while it was parked front of my house. It was 8pm on Monday night, I heard a loud THUMP - which I thought was probably a piece of drywall I had propped up against the wall just falling down, but I went outside to check. there was nothing out there, but my neighbor said he saw a mini van speeding down the street and told me to check my car. So I looked at saw this.

Sigh. I called the police and filed a report, found out its going to cost me a 250 deductible to fix- not too bad.

Last night I went to bed and then heard my roomie knock on my door. She told me that there was a bunch of water in the basement. I guess the pipe fell out of the kitchen drain and all the water was just pouring into the floor. It was 12am and I spent and hour vacuuming up water and moving things around. nothing really got ruined other than some old rugs but I think they can be salvaged. I wasn't going to go to work today because I thought I needed to spend more time drying things, but it wasn't so bad in the basement.

I am going to go home after lunch though because I have to fix the pipe and then I have to take my car in for an estimate at the shop I'm going to in Media. What a birthday!

My newish roommate Frank told me he couldn't believe how calm I was when all these things happened the past two days. He told me he would have been freaking out. I just told him that I was used to things like this happening to me and I 'wasn't really surprised' by them. I also told him that I don't have emotions...but not really, I just am not the type that freaks out over things that happen. I don't really drive my car much so its not going to really really effect me much getting it fixed...and the basement flood didn't really ruin anything and now the floor is really really its upsetting to have someone hit your car and run...and it sucks to have to spend time cleaning up the basement when you'd rather be sleeping, but worse things have happened and I probably will forget about most of it anyway.

At any rate I did see this clip of small town values to cheer me up.


Abacus said...

I guess you will have to change your "about me" part of your blog to say, "Kristin is a 26 year-old". Hehehe

Chuck Bren and Reed said...

But not 30..........