Monday, October 27, 2008


Hallween has always been my favorite holiday. I think theres only been one year of my life that I didn't dress up in some strange home made costume that either my mom made or I made from scratch. The last 3 years I've attended a ridiculous halloween party in the suburbs where there is a giant bon fire and people dress up in over the top home made costumes. the first year I went my friends all dressed up as ghost busters characters. They even made the car, and someone was a giant marshmallow man. The car was life sized and had working lights on it. Thats pretty ridiculous.

This year I've just been so so busy that I had no motivation to even think of what I wanted to be. Last year I was a shark, which was an amazing costume I threw together in a few hours and probably spent 10 dollars making. There was no way in my head I could think of anything to make a better costume than last year, but leave it to me to wait until the last minute and think something ridiculous up. Last night I started working on a t-rex costume. I made the head out of one cardboard box, and a couple brown paper bags so far its taken about 4 hours to make but I'm almost done. I think I'll be able to finish it tonight by adding a little more paper and painting it. then tomorrow I'll start sewing the costume together. Thankfully there is a really really dirt cheap fabric store in philly so I'll probably have a costume for under 10 dollars again this year. I'm so frugal.


Abacus said...

Is Cylar going to dress-up?

Kristin G said...

nope. I guess I could sew him a little dino costume