Wednesday, December 10, 2008

adult skate.

I went to adult skate last night, I've been going to this particular skate since last year, but I haven't gone in a reaaallly long time. I try to explain to people what adult skate is like, but I don't think anyone really 'realizes' what adult skate means.

me at adult skate wearing my holiday sweatshirt my mom made me as a kiddie.

I guess my usual explanation of adult skate is this: Most the people there are over the age of 65, and no one is usually under the age of 50 (besides us). All the people dress up in their 'outfits' The men wear club shirts, or nice 'skating pants' the women wear 'skating outfits.' You know, like the ones they wear in the Olympic ice skating competitions? There are soooo many couples skates, and waltzes that only 1/3 of the people there usually do...There is live organ music, usually all the same songs play for example sweet caroline, build me up buttercup and jeramiah was a bullfrog. Really though, this night can't be explained, you kind of have to just us 'young people' make the 'adults' really happy. They always tell us to 'come back next week.'

a little glimpse at 'adult skate'

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kate hoos said...

i love your christmas shirt. i'm a little jealous of it in fact