Tuesday, December 09, 2008

no good.

Let me tell you, 27 degrees is much too cold to be riding your bike 5 miles twice a day...I learned this from experience. I mean, wasn't THAT bad, but my bike gloves are much too thin for 27 degrees + wind. I think I may have to make a switch to thicker gloves if I wish to continue riding my bike in the cold. So after not being able to feel my fingers for the last 2 miles of my morning and evening ride yesterday I opted for the train today...not really because of cold, for some reason its 50 degrees today...but its supposed to rain for the next 3 days...I'm kind of disappointed for the rain.

I've been a busy bee lately. My etsy site is empty and I've been knitting a lot..I knit a hat or bandana every evening...I have quite a pile adding up. I finished my living room...I rearranged my furniture and bought a new giant tv. Though after almost 2 weeks without television, its sort of lost its luster to me.

Tonight I'm going rollerskating at 'adult night' adult night is actually 'really old people night' me and a couple of friends go and and skate around with people probably 65+ years old. There is live organ music...its december so I'm going to take a gander and say there will only be christmas music tonight. bummer.

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Abacus said...

Brrrr...I think 27 degrees is too cold to be outside whether you are riding a bike or not!