Tuesday, April 06, 2010

fragments of the day.

I was more excited to begin reading my new Chelsea Handler book today at lunch than I was when I bought a new car this weekend. Sad? Probably. I barely made it to one o'clock, (my top time choice for lunch) the excitement was so great. At one I trotted off to Love Park with book and iced coffee in hand. perfect. 80 degrees, sunny and a slight breeze...sitting on the wall, I read, laughing outloud for two chapters of peaceful bliss. fourty-five minutes and two chapters in, my bliss was cut short by a group of five rowdy adults. Just my luck, even though the entire length of retaining wall surrounding the park was empty this group chose to sit 5 feet away from me, smoking cigarettes and talking loudly. Obviously little me stood no chance of standing up to five people that have almost no consideration for others so I sat there for a minute to see if they'd actually read the newspapers they brought with them. Just then, an explosion. Brown water burst from the Love Park fountain as it shot twenty feet into the air, spewing water for the first time since fall. A ring of brown slowly worked its way to the outer edge of the pool and dissipated into the blue water. I felt the cool fountain water hit my face and quickly re-located to a bench off to the right of the LOVE sculpture. I read for fifteen more minutes of hilarious bliss (thank you chelsea handler). perfect lunch.

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