Thursday, April 01, 2010

befores... and afters...

I am preparing for the Trenton Arts Festival/Kenetic Sculpture Derby which is on May 22nd. I am excited and have been Painting making and refinishing things to sell at the show. I made a goal to paint 5 pictures a week, and in between spend time refinishing and making things. Currently I'm in the middle of re-finishing an old chest I used to use as a coffee table, an old shoe shine box and I'm making little coat hooks on reclaimed wood I've acquired (sometimes it pays to hoard crappy wood) and gotten from my own house. I'm really into it and looking forward to this show...big time. Its been so long since I've made such lofty goals for myself...I'm such a sucker for making goals and fulfilling them. So here are some pictures of my works in progress, and a couple finished things. its all soooo exciting.

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