Wednesday, September 02, 2009

for like.ever

Summer is almost officially over. I find it interesting that as soon as labor day began its approach the weather cooled about 20 degrees and the humidity completely disappeared. It hasn't been getting up past 80 degrees lately which is prefect weather in my opinion. You could wear a light jacket at night, but you don't have to.

Last night was a 'free night' for me. No roller derby practice, no plans with anyone, it was nice. Unfortunately I needed to take a trip to target and homedepot to buy some much needed supplies like cat litter, and corner bead for my walls. Thankfully this trip to two stores took less than an hour of my time - and I was a good shopper and didn't buy anything I didn't really need at target. on a whim I decided that I was going to buy some wood to make shelves in my kitchen. nothing fancy, just some wide pieces of pine. My kitchen is extremely small and living with 2 other people that love to buy tons of food is proving to be difficult sometimes...

I purchased a really long piece of 9inch wide pine and went home. I didn't really PLAN on making the shelves last night, but I got bored cleaning my basement and decided that I would. I cut them out and hung them in less than an hour, man I'm good. I started painting them last night. I decided on white because thats what color my horrid kitchen cabinets are...I figured I should keep it consistent even though I'm a hater of anything white. I don't imagine that I'll use these shelves for anything useful in the kitchen rather I think I may use them as display for all my neat little antique kitchen gadgets....we'll see. pictures to follow.

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