Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Boy am I sleepy. The kids in the park near my house have been super rowdy this week. I've had to call the police several times late at night (early morning) to complain. I am happy that school is starting on tuesday, unless it hasn't already.

Philly has been super rainy all summer, its been nice because I haven't had to water my garden like I used to...its been bad because my basement has been flooding, not terribly, but there have been little pools of water. I finally had to break down and buy a dehumidifier this weekend. My dad (the penny pincher) tried to discourage me from doing this, or at least buying a used one...but no one here is getting rid of theirs, and once I saw black mold growing downstairs I knew it was high time to fork over 150 dollars. It was either the money, or the smelly wet moldy basement that is making everything thats metal in their basement rust. I think I made the right choice.

I have been intensely working on my home improvement, I am right now working on finishing my half bath downstairs...its been in limbo for half a year since it was put in. I can either blame this fact on me not having a lot of free time and finally kicking it into gear, or possibly because my parents are coming to visit in a couple weeks and I don't want to get scolded really badly about not doing anything. I'm sure its a combination of the two.

In an interesting turn of events the houses a door down on either side of me have been purchased by young women. My block is starting to become gentrified. I sustainable fish co op is opening across the street - luckily this is all frozen fish or I would be really worried about the smell. there are also 4 other homes on my block for sale at the moment so I'm crossing my fingers that I get new neighbors. apparently the houses on my block that just sold went for 180k. They are NOT as nice as my house (will be, ha) I bought my house in june 2007 for 130k. I think that this is good news. I suppose I've probably put close to 10-15k into it so far. MAYBE. Thats all my 'big news' for now.

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