Friday, September 25, 2009

I've said this before, and I'll say it again.

though this time its fo-real. for years...YEARS I've said I was going to take a picture of myself once a day for at least a year...I said i'd do this last year, the year before. etc. I'm sure some cannot believe that I really haven't been doing this. (yes I know I take a lot of pictures of myself) but its really happening. I started 3 days ago...and I've been keeping it up. Honestly it isn't that hard. I officially want to start on my birthday, but I've started early...maybe I'll come up with a more clever set up in a couple weeks from now....maybe I'll just keep my tripod in the same part of my room....maybe I'll move around place...who knows...I have a whole year to figure it out I guess. I can't wait to wait myself age, one picture at a time...a year from now.


Abigail said...

yay fun :)

FatBack said...

Check this guy out. He has the extreme version of watching himself age.