Tuesday, November 03, 2009

i lost myself for a second.

This week is a week about me, I guess. I have come to realize this week that I've been neglecting myself for awhile. I haven't been doing things I need to do, I wouldn't say I really wanted to do the things I needed to do, or maybe I just didn't realize I wanted to do them. At any rate my bedroom has been making me really miserable probably since they day I moved into my house. It used to be really really bad and then slowly its gotten better...two and a half years slowly. I had decided that my bedroom was going to be the last thing I worked on when I moved into my house (that hasn't really worked out), besides the kitchen. The two extra bedrooms were the most important for me to finish because I rent them out so those have been done for quite awhile. nothing else is really 'done' but sort of in limbo.
I was sort of forced into working on my bedroom last october when my parents moved away...before they moved my dad decided that he had to help me replace ALL the windows in my house before they moved, so over the course of 4 days all the windows were taken out and replaced. it was a messy messy ordeal and pretty much made every room in my entire house a construction zone. All the walls around every window were rotten and needed to be replace...thus began my bedroom process. thats been going on for a year.
I put in a new floor, but i didn't finish it. I replaced the front a wall about 6 months ago but haven't painted it because I had to finish fixing another wall that I attempted to fix 2 years ago. I finally finished this wall I started 2 years ago this weekend. I had to take the entire thing out and put it back in....it took two hours...so today I got home from work and decided I needed to really get this done. I plastered and spackled the wall...which took like no time, so I embarked on finishing the floor. I'm not completely done with the floor, I have a couple rows left and need to rip out the molding and replace an outlet tomorrow but that shouldn't take more than an hour. All in all this process probably only took me 4 hours and I had really forgotten how much I enjoyed working on my house. Its seriously been so long since I really worked on it. I mean, I finished my bathroom a couple months ago but that was NOT fun for some reason. this was. I guess I just like mindless repetitive things like putting in a wood floor by hand...or maybe I'm just excited by the fact that soon my bedroom will be done and I won't feel like I'm living in a disgusting mess like I have for the last 2.5 years. Its exciting to see something getting done for the first time in awhile and I'm glad I'm finally actually doing it. so. yeah. go me.

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