Saturday, September 06, 2008

bathroom bathroom bathrooms

I get so overwhelmed with my house sometimes. I bought it in June of 2007, and following in my parents footsteps I looked for the 'best deal,' and when I say 'best deal' that really means a cheap almost falling apart fixer uper.

Now I'm not sure if my house was really the 'best deal' because its just been sooo much work. Practically everything has had to be replaced or gutted or covered up. Every floor in the house has had to be redone minus the living room which has sweet parquet floors but unfortunately they have to be refinished at some point.

At any rate it doesn't ever feel like I'm making any progress or have any clue what I'm doing. I have so many projects going on at once and never seem to finish anything (again following in my dad's footsteps). I find myself most weekends just sitting around staring at things having no clue what I should so I usually just end up cleaning something instead of actually completing any home improvement. But I am glad to report that today I actually did some work on my house.

In a couple weeks my parents are coming over and we're going to install a new half bath on my first floor. I know that for a fact I will now be the only person on my block with 2 bathrooms which makes me excited. Today I decided that since the bathroom is being installed over the parquet floors that I was going to remover that section of floor. There is a mahogany strip that goes around the border of the room and I want to take it out and reinstall it around the border of the new bathroom so it looks like it was always there.

When I finished doing this small feat, which took me about 4 hours I decided to finally finish spackling my upstairs bathroom. Though its been done for 7 months, I've never finished the walls of the bathroom. I think its high time so by tomorrow when everything is dry its going to get a coat of primer. Now my Dad won't be able to scold me the next time they come over like he always does.

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