Saturday, September 20, 2008

a haunting.

Me and my friend Bill used to avidly watch "ghost shows" together while we painted pictures. lately I've been avidly watching a show called A Haunting on the discovery channel. I makes me wonder dumb things occasionally, like maybe if there are so many shows about ghosts that they could possibly be real. I keep these thoughts in the back of my head, though I haven't watched any 'ghost shows' in a couple months.

The other night, say wednesday night I was laying in bed watching six feet under on my computer. I was dozing off and felt a thump in the middle of my bed, about where my knees were. it really freaked me out, especially when I looked over and saw cylar asleep on his bed no where near my bed. I started dozing off again and felt another THUMP. I was secretly very disturbed by this, but tried to ignore it. The third time it happened i decided that it was time for cylar to come up and lay with me in my bed. I eventually fell asleep but kept occasionally feeling my bed move in the middle of the night...cylar still laying there passed out.

I suppose I woke up around 4 or 5 that night and had to go to the bathroom so I opened my bedroom door and out runs the cat I'm fostering. I later found that she ripped open my box spring and burrowed inside...I really don't like cats, at all.

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