Wednesday, September 03, 2008


They opened a new gym in the comcast center this week. It opened on Tuesday the 2nd. I didn't go on Tuesday because I had plans - which fell through - after work. So instead I ended up going today, I almost didn't though because there was supposed to be a soccer game.

Every week a bunch of people that I don't really know play soccer...its never serious they're called 'shitty soccer' on the yahoo group they made and most the time only 6 people show up.

At any rate, there was supposed to be a soccer game, but it fell through so I went to try out the new gym. I lifted weights for about a hour, which was scary because the worst noises I have ever heard were coming out of my knees. I've had my knees both operated on several times so they're not the nicest working knees. I figure if I start lifting weights and building up the muscles in them that I can prevent future troubles...but also I really like to lift weights...I was on the weight team in high school (though no one ever believes this when I tell them). After an hour of weigh lifting I used this elliptical stair climbing machine for 15 minutes. I was pretty tired after that, and shaky but I had to ride my bike home 5 miles still. That was pretty rough riding a bike with jello arms.

Before I left I received a message that soccer was actually going to happen, so I got home at 6:30 ate a bagel and then rode my bike 2 miles to the soccer field. I played soccer for about an hour and left. I stopped by a friends house to say hi on my way home and she gave me a little slice of pecan pie that she made. It was good, but not as good as my moms pecan pie.

Pecan Pie made me think of derby pie and how i wanted to make it so here I sit looking for a recipe. They're pretty hard to find since its a trade marked name...but I've found a couple that could be promising. Maybe I'll have time to run by trader joes tomorrow and pick up some walnuts and try this sucker out. Maybe my brother in law knows a better recipe? He is from Kentucky.

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FatBack said...

Try searching for "May Day Pie". That is the non-trade marked version. Also, I will call my sister-in-law this afternoon. She makes a great Derby Pie.