Thursday, September 11, 2008

I was awoken the other night around 3am to the sound of my dog Cylar vomiting all over my bedroom floor. Luckily I have hardwood floors, but nonetheless its not very fun to be woken up to vomit all over the floor and trying to avoid stepping in it when you walk in the dark to your lightswitch. Sadly this is a somewhat common occurrence but I got up and cleaned it up. I went downstairs to throw away everything and heard a little scurrying in the kitchen, of course it was a mouse. Luckily I have a foster cat, so I found her and threw her on the kitchen counter and moved the canister the mouse was hiding behind. She caught it for me, what a nice foster cat.
I returned to bed around 4 after all this excitement and was about to go to sleep when Cylar started to throw up again. It was an interesting night to say the least.

I actually finished painting my bathroom yesterday, a puke green color I'd say. And I even had time to witness the horror of Andrew Bird's song being featured in a new Marriott commercial. The more disturbing fact was that I was listening to his music while I painted the bathroom and saw it on TV after words.

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