Friday, September 12, 2008

rainy rain.

Its a dreary day in Philadelphia today. Its not very bright in my cubical, which is surrounded by windows. Unfortunately its also supposed to rain tomorrow which is going to stink! My friends Abby and Mike are getting married outside in the PA suburbs, I guess thats what you get when you have a wedding during the highest point of hurricane season. We were supposed to camp out in the yard tomorrow night too, but if its storming I think that I'll just go home to go to sleep.

Nothing much new or exciting. Last night I helped my friend Bill do some gardening at a rich couples house. I mowed the lawn with a push mower, and cleaned up the flower beds a bit. I think they own 3 houses all together, and this one is really nice. Its a carriage house of a giant mansion - which are now two separate properties. The house is in Mount Airy which is a really ritzy area 20 minutes outside Center City. I would totally live there someday, it sort of reminds me of where my parents used to live in New Jersey.

After this I returned home and took Cylar for a walk, we found out that the park I take him to was closed up. It wasn't really a park though, just a huge fenced in area that has a hole in the fence. I'll probably just start taking him somewhere else that has an open area now and toss the ball. He'll never run off if there is a ball or frizbee involved.

now for your viewing pleasure...

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